CBE Pension Plan

As a member of the CBE Pension Plan, you’ll find valuable information and resources regarding your pension plan in this section. The CBE is made up of over 18,900 active, inactive and retired members from a variety of employers across the province.

View the Spring 2024 Newsletter here. You can also view the interactive version below (the option to view full screen should be visible at the bottom right of the window). All of the Plan’s newsletters can also be found within the “Newsletters and Other Communications” section.


Your Board of Trustees held its inaugural Annual Information Meeting online on November 29. Watch the recording here.

Application Forms
General Reciprocal Transfer Agreements Planning for retirement For Retirees
Employee Statement of Pension Benefits

Your Employee Statement of Pension Benefits provides you with personalized estimated pension amounts as of December 31 of a given year. Your statement also includes information you need to use Vestcor’s Online Pension Estimate Calculator.

Need help with your statement? Refer to the information included below, and these helpful videos:


If you were an active member of the CBE Pension Plan in 2023, your 2023 Employee Statement of Pension Benefits is mailed to you in the coming weeks (spring/summer 2024).

Negative Employee Contribution Interest Rate for the Statement Period 2022 (CBE)Understanding your Employee Statement of Benefits (CBE)
Planning Your Retirement

Applying for your pension is easy, but it’s important that you understand the process and timeline. The video below provides an overview of the necessary steps.

Declaration of Marital Status FormPension Estimate FormTermination | Retirement FormCBE Phased-in Retirement Application Form
About the CBE Pension Plan
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Money Matters: Be in the know

Improving your financial know-how can equip you to more confidently make important financial decisions.

By knowing what day-to-day and long-term financial decisions are best for you, you can reduce your stress and better support your overall well-being. Click here to access a series of resources to help you no matter your current knowledge level.

Life Events and Your Pension

Certain life events could impact your pension, including:

  • Returning from a Leave of Absence
  • Ending a Spousal Relationship
  • Leaving your Employment
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Retiring
  • Death of a Member

Click here to learn more.

About Shared Risk Plans

What is a Shared Risk Pension Plan? Watch the video below to find out.